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The Crucial Step Of Makeup Is Skincare That Precedes It

Let’s get this in the clear- the crucial step of makeup is skincare that precedes it. Makeup is part of who we are and we use it as an instrument to express ourselves. Whatever we feel like we convey it through our makeup. To channelize boss bitch energy we deck up the eye game to a bolder loo and top it up with a smacking lip. The summer girl energy calls for a much more subtle nude look which looks flower fresh and yet swoon worthy. For all our moods and energies there is a look. To make all of it a piece of cake a routine of skincare is all we need.  

Skincare is not only for protecting your skin against the harmful effects of makeup on your skin but also ensures a much smoother application of your makeup. So all my beautiful people grab all the brushes you want but before going in with it apply a dab full of skincare.

  1. Protection of skin barrier

Makeup warriors heed this now; get your skincare shields up all the time. Skin barrier is very sensitive and can react very easily to harsh products. Skincare will help your skin to be clear of any dirt or clogs. Good layers of skincare will help to close pores before you go in with your makeup hence it will ensure you don’t get any breakouts.  The layer of serum, moisturizer, oil will not let your foundation, eye shadow and other makeup to directly hit your skin and effect its PH balance or its


  1. Makeup glides with ease

Skincare before makeup also preps your skin for a flawless application.  A sufficient layer of moisturizer is always a magic worker which makes the makeup look fresh and non cakey. The foundation glides more easily and allows a much more oven application. Skincare not only protects your skin but enhances your makeup.


  1. Restoration of your skin

Well my fellow makeup lovers don’t forget to do skincare after you remove your makeup at the end of the day. Makeup has many ingredients which can be harsh and heavy for your skin so when at the end of the day you remove your makeup, you remove all the protective oils of the skin and it becomes crucial to restore all the balance to our skin. Shower all the love you can. Begin with cleansing it twice but choose a cleanser that suits your skin type and then follow with your serums, oils and moisturizers.


  1. Treat Yourself

The biggest reason for you to do skincare is to just give yourself a treat of self love and feel good. Ten minutes for just yourself every day can work magic when you want to in that

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