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Choose the right foundation shade.

You need to discover the appropriate shade of foundation to achieve a flawless foundation, much like blush, lipstick, and eye shadow, where you can experiment with a rainbow of hues and pick the one that best suits your style. But choosing a shade is just the beginning of the process of selecting the ideal foundation. There are foundations for dry skin, oily skin, water-based foundation, and a plethora of other skin types. Keep these four crucial considerations in mind the next time you're looking for the ideal foundation to get a gorgeous appearance because deciding which foundation to select might be difficult.

  1. Identify the undertone

You can’t be new to the terms "cool," "warm," or "neutral" used to describe skin tone and foundation; this is one of the most crucial aspects to consider when picking the shade that works best for you. Undertones are colors that bleed and enhance the general tone of the skin. Your skin tone has nothing to do with the undertones; while your skin tone may vary with the seasons, your tone will never change. Warm undertones are characterized by peach, yellow, or golden skin tones, and cool undertones are characterized by pink, red, and blue tones. Cool and warm tones are carefully matched to create a neutral tone.


  1. Know your skin type

Knowing your skin type is crucial for selecting the appropriate foundation shade. The four main skin types are combination, oily, dry, and normal. The best foundation for oily skin is Glam21 Oil Control Foundation, a mattifying foundation that manages excess oil. For normal to oily skin, the lightweight Glam21 Oil Control Hydrating Foundation tightens pores for a matte finish that looks natural. Glam21 Skin Natural Foundation is made to complement various Indian skin tones thanks to its exclusive hues. A foundation made specifically for dry skin moisturises the skin without making it look greasy. Combination skin benefits from Glam21 Silk Foundation F6505 and Glam21 Velvet Touch High Coverage Foundation, which give shine to the drier areas of the face without over shining the complexion.


  1. The Coverage you want

Knowing how to select the appropriate foundation shade for your volume—light, medium, or full—is crucial. Select a sheer or lighter foundation if you only want to tone your skin, not totally cover it. It feels like skin and has the most natural appearance. To fully conceal your blemishes, flaws, and hyperpigmentation, choose one full coverage foundation. Rich colour pigments in Glam21 Poreless Foundation F6503 offer strong coverage and a flawless finish. A foundation with medium coverage sits in the centre and may typically be worked up to full coverage.


  1. Color the pad correctly

How often have you purchased foundation, used it on your arms or cheeks, just to discover later that it is completely useless on your neck? If you're unsure about how to choose a foundation shade, trust me—this old method works. A neck pad that doesn't fit properly makes you appear weird and as if you're dressed in a mask. Going forward with the jawline is the greatest technique to prevent harsh angles and achieve perfectly contrasting colours on the face and neck. Apply the foundation on the nose, leaving a small amount on the neck and cheeks. By doing this, you can confirm that your foundation complements both regions, which is crucial for determining a shade that looks natural on your skin.

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