Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss As You Enter 2023

Makeup Trends You Can’t Miss As You Enter 2023

The ball will drop soon and we will finally enter into 2023. Right as we enter and take some steps into the New Year in a very fashionable way, we need to lookout for some of the trends in makeup that you cannot miss out on.  Makeup trends change as we speak- some stay for long, some vanish in a splash. The ones that stayed can be followed better yet, need to be followed.


  1. Bold Lips

Lips are one of the crucial features of our face that bring the entire look together. If you flunk up there, you mess up big time! Bold lips have entered the scene and how, they have spread themselves all around and with a bang which cannot be ignored. Lips bolder and fierce than ever have taken the front stage- go easy with the eyes and face, steer the focus to lips. This look is bound to make a statement day and night.


  1. Blush it all

It is Blush world and we are just living in it. Blushes have once again taken over the makeup trends. We were into contour and bronzer, but now blush has made a banging comeback. With many variants and textures- liquid, cream, tint, powder, stick blushes, to play with blushes with the mantra of more is good are here. With nose, cheeks and eyes all filled with blush, the face just livens up.  Tiktok looks like sun kissed girl, crying girl, i-am-cold girl raised blushes to another level.


  1. Face Adornments

Face adornments have been making rounds and are the perfect add-on to our looks to give it a show-stopping aura. The look instantly rises and speaks for itself with these embellishments.  The credit goes to Euphoria for bringing rhinestones and the glint back to us. A strong move in makeup, though these adornments might sometimes seem like more, but they are what we need right now. Big names like Dua Lipa, Sonam Kapoor, Rupi Kaur and many makeup influencers are loving face adornments and so are we.


  1. Strong Bold Eyeliners

Simple eyeliners take a back seat and pass the steering to Bold Eyeliner looks. Graphic eyeliners with artistic designs come out every day, speaking out loud. Siren eyes, longer and sharper wings and cat-eyes are also here. Blackest and smudge proof eyeliners are all the rave right now and it is justified with the magic eyeliners have started making and will do so ahead. Anything bold is here to reign over the coming year. Dark Femininity will sure be the makeup trend that will be around for long in 2023.


  1. Statement Brows

Thin and fully filled in brows are no more what is hot now, we have turned towards bushy and natural brows. Just comb and keep them in place with a strong brow gel and draw some brows in, to make them bushy.  Recently, bleached brows are all the trend as well and many celebs have been spotted with the look- Kylie Jenner, Bella Hadid, Julia fox and the one who started it all, Kendall Jenner. Statement brows are what we will see in 2023.


  1. Gloss is back

Mattes are a thing of the past; we now prefer to keep them glossy and shiny. Showing the natural gloss-like-shine is all we want now. With over lined lips which are pouty and plump, gloss which is better and prettier has made a comeback. From Gigi Hadid, Madelaine Petsch to Bhumi Pednekar, Janhvi Kapoor, glossy lips can be seen dominating the world.


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