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Wednesday Goth Me Like That

Dancing to Bloody Mary by Lady Gaga like Wednesday in a black dress is my new personality that I have put in my cart. This one will never leave.  “I’m not interested in participating in tribal adolescent clichés.” me either Wednesday, me either. After binge watching Wednesday in one sitting and totally loving it, I regretted watching it all in just one sitting.  Classic Binge Watcher mistake! Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams is breath of deadly woeful air which we all have fallen a happy victim to. The show itself and the characters designed are a much needed fresh air of much need and on-point sarcasm, mystery and wit.
Tim Burton has magnificently created a gothic, creepy and eerie atmosphere tangible throughout the show. The death-obsessed and quick-witted protagonist’s stoic aura is held high by Ortega. Moreover the character has left a very much imperishable effect on viewers when it comes to her makeup.
“…I see the world as a place that must be endured, and my personal philosophy is kill or be killed.” For sure you have killed, Wednesday. And I know how exciting you find, digging a grave. Jenna Ortega’s Wednesday Addams has brought soft-Goth makeup back with a bang and it is for sure making rounds. The look is very distinguished yet subtle in a very perfect way which can even be worn every day.  Wednesday is allergic to color.  Black is her color and her closet is full of it (as is mine, through no fault of mine). When it comes to her look, besides rocking here black outfits, Wednesday has a soft goth glam with smudged eye look with a Goth lip featuring light plums, nudes and some subtle purple hues.  The look is all the rage at the moment and Tik Tokers and cosplayers all have been all about re-creating it. And obviously, her Rave’N look is one which will go in the pages of history, I’m telling you. I am thinking of dressing like that to my next date, I just hope that my date doesn’t turn out to be a serial killer.
The show is filled with mind blowing looks. Beginning from Morticia Addams herself, with her long locks, soul sucking black dresses and goth lips. She owns the place she walks.
There is something about Sirens. Their way of life, their clothes, their unerring style which I would very much like to take home.  Also, special mention to Bianca, arch-nemesis of Wednesday, who has got her own singular style with a special glossy pout she has donned throughout the show. I have got to stock them, again.
  Let’s wolf out! The most butterfly-like wolf ever, Enid Sinclair is the quintessential BFF that won’t ever bail out on you, even when you push them away. What we can find in Enid’s vanity will be docked with colors. She is the only person in whole of Nevermore who is a weird kind of spooky misfit. Enid’s colored hair, blushed cheeks, poppy eyes and berry; pink lips make her the anti-thesis of her Bff, Wednesday.
So, I am off to creating all of these looks and living in my own Nevermore and wishing I get to go to at least one Rave’N.


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