Well, believe it or not. It’s that time of the year- big carpets, mind-boggling designs, head-turning moments, controversies and a salute to art. Did you guess it right? It is time for the most fashionable night of the year- The Met Gala. The Metropolitan Museum of Art had the theme “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty” synonymous with the exhibition underway. A tribute to the unique designer who shaped the fashion arena for years at the world’s renowned fashion house-Chanel. The air of Lagerfeld was felt in the colossal event and it was for sure homage to the designer who revitalized Chanel. From pregnancy revelations to unconventional wardrobe choices the red carpet was memorable.

The designer was known for his black and white style with unique fingerless gloves, the show was obviously on the path of some choicest of black and white play on the red carpet. Apart from the monochrome tones we saw pinches of red, rose and blush but did they actually follow the theme and the air that always surrounds the Met or did they become the talk of the monotonous humdrum. Well after seeing over hundreds of celebrities let me tell you my favorites – the ones which will be in my mind till next year. 

So let’s go through the ones that caught my eye and blew me away:

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa was for sure levitating as she walked the red carpet on the gala night.She went classic and was even on theme, I will bow to her stylist for bringing it all together, they made something so jaw dropping by adding details which were not over powering but just in the right places. She wore the same design that was displayed in the 1992 couture collection, a white and black tweed ballgown. Lipa had accessorized it with the piece that became the talk of the town, the Tiffany & Co.’s new Legendary Diamond. For sure, Lipa walked the red carpet and left a mark.

Jenna Ortega

Wednesday and her color of black pulled her on to the Met Gala carpet and she might have set it on fire. Her goth glam spoke through her ensemble which was designed by Thom Browne. The details were really giving- a black corset with black spectacular skirt with ac gold chain with pearls accent. Ortega’s schoolgirl bow detail, gold and pearls details with the black and white palette for sure paid homage to the designer.

Cardi B

Like always her wardrobe was one to look out for, she had a trail of not one, not two, but three dresses. She exited the hotel in pink dazzled gown with hovering pink tulle. At Met Gala steps she was seen in a black ball gown by Chenpeng Studio with a white shirt collar and a black tie a detectable tap to Karl Lagerfeld who was known for his black and white suits. She also had black opera gloves to complete the look. the rapper like always brought her best to the front and paved the way.

Conan Gray

The singer was seen in a custom made Balmain look which paid respect to Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty His look was a great twist on the classic white shirt and black jacket. With a white shirt, he had a sparkly black tweed jacket which was off shoulder with hand embroidered pearls. It was further styled with black leather pants, heeled boots and accessorized with a black fan which had pearls embroidered on it. The look was one of the best men looks, hands down.

Billie Eilish

We are Happier than Ever to see Billie Eilish in her another breath taking look of the Met. She was seen in a custom made Simone Rocha lace dress in honor of Karl. She dazzled in a black bustier dress with sheer detailed overlay, high mock neckline which dropped to a long flowy hem with opera length sheer gloves and high sheer stockings. Billie’s strong looks in Met keep on coming and we are thankful for sure.

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