Don’t forget to pack these for your beach vacation

Don’t forget to pack these for your beach vacation

It is June, officially the time for vacation and I am sure you all must be planning to run away and take a break from the hustle and just relax. A beach vacation is all about sun, sand, and relaxation, but that doesn't mean you have to compromise on your makeup game. With the right essentials, you can achieve a fresh and radiant look while soaking up the sun. So let’s get ready for a shining day in the sun while looking a like a glistening dream. 

First fill up your bottles and keep yourself hydrated. Keep your skin moisturized and apply lots of SPF. Do keep reapplying it after few hours to save yourself from tanning. Go light on makeup and use waterproof makeup as much as possible so that you can immerse in the water without the fear of smearing your makeup.

Let’s pack them

1. A good gripping primer

Before applying any makeup, start by using a gripping primer which will help in keeping your makeup intact for longer. Look for a lightweight formula that won't clog your pores, allowing your skin to breathe even in the heat.

2. Tinted Moisturizer or Lightweight Foundation:

Instead of heavy foundations, opt for a tinted moisturizer or a lightweight foundation to let your skin breathe in the beachy and sunny environment. These products provide sheer coverage while keeping your skin hydrated and protected. Choose a water-resistant formula that won't melt away with sweat or splashes of water. This way, you'll maintain a natural, dewy complexion while enjoying the sun and sand. You can always choose to go in with a full coverage waterproof concealer to give you a sheer coverage while keeping it lightweight. 

3. Waterproof Mascara and Eyeliner:

Do not overdo it. Enhance your eyes without worrying about smudges by opting for waterproof mascara and eyeliner. Eyes are very important when it comes to makeup; hence always choose eye makeup which can withstand water and humidity, ensuring your eye makeup stays intact throughout the day. From beach volleyball to swimming in the ocean, you'll have beautifully defined lashes and eyes, no matter how much you immerse yourself in the ocean. You can choose to go without eye shadow, but if you choose to put some, go with glowy cream eye shadow.

4. Cream Blush or Cheek Stain:

There is nothing like the magic of blush. Enhance your natural beachy glow with a touch of color on your cheeks. Cream blushes or cheek stains are excellent options as they blend seamlessly into the skin, giving you a dewy and fresh-faced appearance. They are the better options because of their longer stay as well. Choose warm coral, peach, or pink shades to mimic a sun-kissed flush.

5. Lip tint or oil with lip Balm with SPF:

It’s better to not go with heavy lipsticks go light, and complete the glowy natural look with a lip tint or lip oil.Add some lip balm with SPF over it, to protect your lips from the harsh sun and keep them moisturized by opting for a lip balm with SPF. You can always look for formulas that offer sun protection while providing hydration and a hint of color.

When heading to beach remember to keep it as natural as you can and do not overdo it, because you will under sun and humidity all day long. Always choose waterproof makeup so that it doesn’t wash down with your swimming. Be effortless and glowy when on beach, the idea is always to put ahead the idea that you are glowing from within. Be radiant this beach vacation!

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